Android Blues

Googie Phone

So, one of the most frustrating things about being here has been issues with technology.  I just got a new Gccgie phone (That’s right, Gccgie; an obviously a cheap Chinese knock-off).

Now, China and Google have beef.  So China has blocked the Google Play store and a lot of the U.S. market apps.  Which wouldn’t be a problem, except all of the Chinese alternatives are in Chinese (of course) and the apps are mostly in Chinese as well.  Go figure.

So, in addition to having to use a VPN to use Facebook, Twitter, and a few other random sites, I’d have to also root my phone (!) and probably take out the SIM cards so my location isn’t tracked.

So far, I’ve found this blog, which talks about basically using a SIM card from another country (not really an option, also, who wants to PAY for apps?) and a slew of other blogs on how to root (using a Mac, in my case).  Not sure if I want to risk bricking my phone, or any of the other sordid problems that it could cause.

God I wish I had some poppers…


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