Back in Hong Kong

Beware of falling tangents.

Yes, back in Hong Kong.  Not my idea, but a welcome respite from the oppressive conformity of mainland China.

Road to Hong Kong

Hong Kong is growing on me.  Iot’s more expensive, and still bootleg as hell, but slightly less so.

Like most big cities, it has a much more international and cosmopolitan feel to it, definitely when compared to Kaili City, which, despite boasting half a million plus, still feels like a city maybe 1/5th it’s size.

And Jesus, is it racist as hell; I got hit one day while I was shopping.  Not a huge deal, just a slight grazing on the arm.

Now, could’ve been a mistake, people bump into each other all the time with out so much as a 对不起.  But the way this guy was mean-muggin’, I think he had a problem with the brown folks, or just foreigners in general.

Kaili City Train Station

Here in Hong Kong, it’s different.  I can be discriminted against by any number of peoples!  Mainland Chinese, Hong Kong-ren, Indian, Pakistani, West African, and other foreigners.  And everyone hates everyone for ever and ever and ever…

The bonus is that, speaking French and Hindi and increasingly Chinese, I get to eavesdrop and ocassionally fuck with they racist asses.  And everyone’s like, “haha, stupid Mexican”… and I be like, “Poppers… poppers… 你们想不想Poppers吗? 有 Poppers… poppers…”

Oh yeah, and they DO have poppers here.  Now I just need to find a sex shop that sells them.

Dick Dog in Hong Kong


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