Business in China

Just finished Paul Midler’s Poorly Made in China… it’s message was essentially this: Poorly Made In ChinaExpect Chinese manufacturers to swindle and cheat global companies, to steal product designs and offer them to competitors, to intentionally create surplus and sell them at marked up prices to developing markets.

One of the tactics they have is to knowingly degrade the quality of products over time, to save operating and material costs. Now, I’m no big fan of capitalism, don’t get me wrong, but the people buying these products, which end up at Wal-mart, gas stations, dollar stores, oh, I dunno, your babies’ cribs and mouths, are generally poorer and disadvantaged people of color.

These products, presumably tested by inspectors, usualy aren’t run through the rigorous and expensive testing to ensure safety. Enter lead paint in children’s toys, defective products, incorrect chemical formulations.

And these products are everywhere. The message is that, the very country that our jobs are being outsourced to is also selling us cheap and sometimes dangerous products that distributors are growing increasingly dependant on.

I dunno, maybe start making your own toothpaste and deoderant for awhile. Or don’t. Whatever, this place is so whatever… I’m so over it…

::kicks over chair and walks out::


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