A Day in the Life

Too tired to sleep and so I figured I’d write that post I’ve been putting off.

Right now it’s midnight, and I should be sleeping seeing as how, regardless of when my first class is, I’m usually up by 6:30 in the morning to eat breakfast. Generally, I wake up an hour earlier or so just because my circadian rhythms have never fully adjusted to the time difference here.

Most weekdays, I stay on campus. Some of the teachers live in dorms on campus, which is a somewhat common arrangement in China; employers will sometimes provide temporary or permanent housing for employees, even at construction sites.

Because the food on campus is cheap and convenient, and because I don’t really have access to a kitchen, I eat most of my meals here. Breakfast is served between 6:30 and 7:20, roughly, so even if I don’t teach until 8:50, I’m usually up around then.

My classes are 40 minutes each, and usually start at 8. Depending on the day, I teach either two or three classes and then I’m done. Sometimes they’ll be a few periods apart, but that’ll give me time to check email, dick around on the interwebz… whatever.

And then I’m done with work. Usually the rest of my time is spent reading, playing music, doing yoga, studying Chinese… whatever I feel like, really. Today, I tried for, like, the sixth or seventh time to install Ubuntu on my work computer. It’s not really essential; I’m just trying to find an alternative to the crufty, spy-ware laden Chinese knock-off edition of XP that I’m using.

I’m also taking an online course… hung out with a friend, got some dinner.

Ideally I’d be asleep by now, but I’m up with all the possibilities of what was and what will and maybe never will be. Also, I think I ate something that didn’t agree with me. Ballz.


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