Unbridled Optimism in China

Despite mounting and overwhelming evidence, there ARE things that I like about this country.

The kids are fucking adoraballz. I mean, part of it is that I’m totally baby-crazy, we know this. But seriously, this country has some cute kids. Also, they don’t chop the tips off of little-boy penises so, foreskin daps.

While I’m being perfectly shallow, the people are pretty, too. i find myself thinking, "I’d hit that…" multiple times a day on a regular basis, which, in all fairness, is true in almost every country I’ve lived in. But here I’d take lots of pictures and put them on FetLife. Okay, also par for the course.

The people are also extremely generous; if I’m invited out, the host pretty much pays for everything; going Dutch is something foreigners do. (Fucking cheap bastids.)

Food is cheap, filling and delicious . Every region has a staple dish, and slight variations on common dishes. Chongqing, for example has a type of 凉面 that’s basically like these big, rectangular udon noodles.

Travel is cheap; the train network is pretty extensive and most trains run on time… ish. Decent rooms can be had for 100 RMB (about 16 USD) or less, especially if you book in advance.

Public transportation is also pretty reliable in all the bigger cities. Even Kaili, which is not huge, has a comprehensive bus system. And it’s also very cheap. Cabs are too, but you usually have to haggle.

My coworkers are all very nice and extremely helpful. There’s also a lot of support and positively which is refreshing. Although, who knows, they might be talking mad shit in Chinese.

What else? Um, I guess fashion is pretty decent. I mean I’m not an expert, my closet will support that statement, but, being the manufacturer for pretty much everything in the world, they get a lot of styles from all over. They where them, and they wear them well.

Aside from the writing, the language is much easier than most people would have you believe. It took me two months when I first got to Korea to get an even halfway-intelligible approximation of how the language is pronounced. Here, people pretty much understand what I’m trying to say, even though I don’t make a huge effort to reproduce the tones faithfully in spoken conversation.

zOMG, quick sidenote, "bi" (pronounced like that thing that stings you, not like that thing that all the cool people are) can mean bi 笔 "pen" or bi 屄 "vaginal oriface " depending on the tone. I haven’t had the chance or motivation to ask to borrow one of my coworkers’ vaginas… mostly because I always have a pen on me, and I think they know.

The writing is also not as hard as it looks. It does take a lot of practice and study, but that’s true of all languages.

I’ve given serious thought and consideration to the idea that I might come back for another semester, or even a full year. Definitely in a larger city, but despite numerous annoyances and frustrations, China isn’t that bad.

I know, my optimism is overwhelming. I promise not to make a habit of it. 😀


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