The Best Goddamn Invention in China

This thing is tits.

I spent 20 RMB ($3.21 USD) on this reusable calligraphy scroll that makes plain water look like black ink on it’s surface. I haven’t stopped playing with it since.

The great thing about it is that it let’s me practice my brushwork without wasting a lot of paper, or getting chingos of ink everywhere. Which is dope because I’m all about saving resources and keeping things clean.

Okay, it’s more like I’m lazy and cheap, but, you know… same same.

It takes a little bit for it to dry, but that’s really a minor drawback. It’s light and fairly portable, and it works incredibly well for simulating the look of ink on rice paper.

With a little bit of effort and creative photo shopping, lines can be removed to create clean, open images.

…and for $99.99 US, you can have your very own. Hand-delivered by your very own Ben, but only if I’m planning on seeing you anyway. Paypal up front, suckaz…


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